National Award

Samudra is the flagship creative dance group in Kerala functioning from Thiruvananthapuram since 1998. With Madhu Gopinath and Vakkom Sajeev at the helm of Samudra, they have performed at prestigious art houses like Royal Opera House: London and Teatro Romano: Italy to name a few. Samudra has represented India in many international art & dance festivals like Edinburgh International Festival: UK, Bonn Festival: Germany, Spoleto Festival: Italy etc. Visually stunning and rhythmically resonating productions of Samudra has captured the imagination of aficionados across the globe crossing language barriers. They have collaborated with few of the world famous artists like M F Hussain and Santosh Sivan. With President’s National Film Award for Best Choreography and conceptualizing and performing the Agni segment of the closing ceremony of Common Wealth Games in India to their credit Samudra has become one of the few original creative forces in Indian contemporary performing scenario. Their productions have also been showcased across various chapters of Soorya Festivals in different countries.